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Background: Ryuko is a new Japanese kitchen and bar cafe strategy in Calgary giving a house to connect via the benefit of like and food stuff. Ryuko fills a void in just the industry, supplying substantial-high quality, thoughtful and authentic Japanese food stuff inside a fantastically designed ecosystem.

Structure pondering: In Japanese, the word ryuko signifies both “dragon” and “tiger,” which properly captures the sturdy nonetheless complementary personalities of the restaurant’s business enterprise associates. We built a versatile visible language that takes a up to date solution to classic Japanese sensibility, textures and imagery.

Issues: Making certain we did not tumble into visual cultural cliches and rather observed new approaches of celebrating a prosperous tradition whilst transferring the visible language forward.

Beloved information: One of the design and style components we actually savored was the depiction of the tiger-dragon icon. We located it hard and enriching to graphically stability these two visuals that carry so considerably this means in a lifestyle in the most reductive way.

Visible influences: Through our study, we explored historic iconography, a myriad of standard Japanese woodcuts and styles highlighting simplicity, stability and harmony that affected our typography, shade palette and visual language. The stamp we designed was even made in Japan.

Time constraints: The design of this cafe started out with a tight deadline, nonetheless we philosophically consider that time is always in our favor. Provided the timing, we could only function on just one layout choice, which intended the task required to commence with good clarity, comprehension and energetic listening. Sometimes, these constraints conclusion up becoming the ideal innovative system, guiding us to observe our intuition with more intent and give all our creative imagination and focus to one solution.

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