Flashback: LG’s best phones before and after the switch to Android


I’m not an LG-fanboy, but credit needs to given when due.

Here’s how LG innovated in the Phone Market:

– sold phones for affordable prices

– made their devices available with mass manufacturing capability

– undertook R&D to increase the parts and build quality of phones

– participated in measures to increase devices security

– sold phones with multiple ecosystems (Custom, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Android)

– pushed forward the adoption of features that are standard these days (BT, Wifi, GPS, Gyro, 4G etc etc) when it would’ve been easier to cut-down some features

– pressured competitors with higher resolution screens, sharper cameras, louder speakers, and faster processors when these cut into their profit margins

– experimented with the novel/gimmicks like Skinned Android, Rear Buttons, Curved Phone, Healing Plastic, Modular Parts, Air Gestures, Dual-Screen Phones, Rotating Displays, Rollable Phones, etc etc.

– they also kept features that were “out of fashion”, way past their competitors, in order to remain Consumer-Friendly like: Qwerty Keyboards, Non-fragile backplates, User Removable Battery, IrDa Blaster, 3.5mm Headphone Jack, Affordable Flagships, etc etc.

– made the first touchscreen smartphone (capacitive and finger friendly). LG Prada

– made the first stabilised video camera in phone (EIS). LG Viewty

– made the first slow-mo capture in phone (120fps but 320p resolution). LG Viewty

– made the first 3D camera in a phone. LG Optimus 3D

– made the first FHD video capture in phone (1920 x 1080). LG Optimus HD

– made the first dualcore phone (Tegra 2). LG Optimus 2X

– made the first quadcore phone (Tegra 3). LG Optimus 4X

– made the first Flagship Killer ($300). Nexus 4

– made the first Wireless Charging phone (Qi). Nexus 4

– made the first OIS smartphone (that runs Android). LG G2

– made the first Slim Bezel phone (way before the iPhone X). LG G2

– invented the Double-Tap-to-Wake feature. LG G2

– made the first FHD+ screened phone (1440p). LG G3

– made the first Leather smartphone (Animal or Vegan). LG G4

– made the first audiophile smartphone (32bit Quad-DAC). LG V10

– invented the “notch” in a way (second display). LG V10

– made the first multi-camera system in phone (Wide + UW + LAF). LG G5

– made the first UltraWide camera in phone (135′). LG G5

– made the first wide-screened smartphone (18:9). LG G6

….many if not all of these have become staples in modern smartphones!


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azerty, 1 hour agoI’m still using my LG G6 and will keep it as long as it works.LG G6 has a great design, very clean and symmetrical


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Kangal, 1 hour agoI find it sad that GSMArena has the audacity to suddenly “like” the LG brand and its… moreVery well said and informative opinion mate, like it 👌


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sq2013, 1 hour agoOnePlus have a tiny market share. They want to be premium but they have been just as clueless … moreCouldn’t agree more. OnePlus should’ve stick to their mantra for them to be on the game in the long haul.

And they should be careful of what Carl Pei and his new tech company Nothing will do in the near future.


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An0n, 1 hour agoWhat? Do you expect they have some loyalty? Nope.

LG has lost to Samsung, who from beginnin… more
Fanboy alert 🚨 here. LOL. That’s the main strategy of Apple, to showcase their latest gadgets in the last quarter of the year where all people have their bonuses and all. Then Apple the witty thief will grab those cash out of your pocket or savings – especially the hype beast fanboys out there, regardless if you’re rich (mostly money of your parents; spoiled brats) or not.


iabhi, 2 hours agoVery true 😔🙏
Marques Brownlee is one of them.
He did a video recently asking “Why people don’t buy Sony phones?”

His last Sony phone review? 2015.


Had the V10. One of the most awesome phone of all time. Small stuffs like where to focus the audio while recording video is so so fun.

And it’s design is absolutely gorgeous chefs kiss*, LG did a great job with it,, combining elegance and ruggedness into perfection.


I will add to this list:

– LG Shine (Gorgeous design)

– LG Optimus 3D (A different concept)

– LG Flex (Curves phone)


Kangal, 1 hour agoI find it sad that GSMArena has the audacity to suddenly “like” the LG brand and its… moreOnePlus have a tiny market share. They want to be premium but they have been just as clueless as LG completely changing their brand mantra from flagship killer to premium but the same level of quality isn’t there to justify their pricing strategy.


I find it sad that GSMArena has the audacity to suddenly “like” the LG brand and its devices, now that the company is shutting shop. They’re hypocrites, plain and simple. As the old adage goes: “you don’t know what you got, until it’s gone”.

LG’s downfall is primarily their fault. They had very questionable leadership. Very little marketing. However, they have been very innovative, pioneers even. So I don’t want to belittle them. But there is a lot of guilt that is rightfully attributed to GSMArena, MKBHD, etc etc for the downfall of LG. In short, they have not been fair to LG in reviews, or when suggesting alternatives.

Why LG really failed is in “mindshare” aka What the uninformed consumer thinks. One example is Nvidia, even when they were regularly failing in the GPU Race against AMD, Nvidia was able to keep or grow their profits and marketshare. That requires having a good reputation and lots of marketing. In this analogy, AMD is LG, and Nvidia is Samsung.

In case you don’t know, there is a very bitter rivalry between the two. Samsung does a lot of promotions that goes to mainstream reviewers (like GSMArena) and influencers. On top of this, they spend a fortune on marketing for regular uninformed folk. They do big business to get their phones on shelves and in booths. And lastly, Samsung makes great phones. All of these make it very difficult for LG. Difficult but not impossible, have a look at OnePlus.

Samsung as a company HATES the competitor LG. In fact, they’ve had instances of Samsung shutting off supply lines to LG when it comes to flash modules. Samsung even stopped selling phones to Verizon at one point because they also sold an LG phone. If you don’t know about the shady deals Samsung has in its past, and all these corruption cases happening in South Korea, well just read up about it. So the loss of LG in the market is great news to Samsung (rival) and Apple (more parts). It is 100{d336d22fa8618a5f7552de079ea4a1d7eae449cfa6c211953fbc87b3a4dc0428} bad news for the readers and consumers alike. We will keep getting worse and worse phones at higher and higher prices.


Qwerty, 5 hours ago🤦 YouTubers and phone websites like these are so hypocrites. Seriously, they always roast LG s… moreWhat? Do you expect they have some loyalty? Nope.

LG has lost to Samsung, who from beginning position themselves as rival of iPhone. It makes Samsung quite successful, and backed by good r&d and marketing team. While other brands just scraps the rest of the battle. Even now, this year, I can bet most of Android manufacturers lost to iPhone sales. iPhone came out very early, late 2020. By that time, almost everyone that “really” need a new phone and can afford to have one, probably has bought iPhone instead waiting for another month for Android flagships to arrive.


I’m still using my LG G6 and will keep it as long as it works.


I wish some miracle happens and the technology team of LG start making their wonderful phones again.

Their used to be a wonderful team in Nokia which used to work on Maemo OS(Later Meego) and built some wonderful phones like Nokia N900, Nokia N9.

They went through the same scenario and we miss their creativity and innovation in the market.

LG development team is not less than them and produced some beautiful innovations in this world.

I was part of the mobile software development and understand how difficult and challenging it is to think something which is out of the box and put it on the table.

My deepest respect to the LG team. 😔🙏

Your creativity will be missed. And best wishes for your future endeavours.


Qwerty, 5 hours ago🤦 YouTubers and phone websites like these are so hypocrites. Seriously, they always roast LG s… moreVery true 😔🙏

Marques Brownlee is one of them.


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I had so many phones from this article and they bring me so many memories I’m trying hard not to cry. The Cookie, Viewty, even the KM900 Arena (mine had a couple touchscreen issues and I had to return it, but I still used it for a couple weeks).

From the Android era, GSMArena missed a couple great phones that LG had. One of their first Android phones, the Optimus One, was selling like hot cakes in my country.

Then there was the (also innovative) G Flex line, I myself got the G Flex2 instead of the G4 as it had a better CPU (Snapdragon 810 instead of 808) and a great OLED screen. It used to overheat, sure, the G4 did too, and it failed misserably with the faimous bootloop issue the LG had back in the day (the G4 also had this issue). Because the G Flex2 had a weaker camera (I had the G2 before G Flex2), it was a lot cheaper, almost twice as cheap. That’s why it was a no-brainer for me to choose the Flex. Sadly, that was my last LG phone ever after I moved to Samsung and never looked back.

LG, too bad you didn’t hire proper people to make your phones. Your phones had great screens, audio quality and even camera quality (I strongly believe LG could be better than Samsung these days in the camera department if they kept up with releasing proper flagships with up to date hardware). LG’s camera processing was very mature even back then in 2014. Not to mention how they tried to keep the jack and the Quad-DAC alive even on flagships when everyone else decided to move to wireless audio.


I do kinda have to point out the G series had 3 more entries. Whilst the G6 had to settle for a year old soc (thanks to Samsung) it was still a good phone and all 3 were flagships devices.

This is from the people who stated the G6 had a single camera in their previous LG article, though.


I always wanted to try a LG Phone with Android and years passed and never did, the ones I could afford never convinced me, so it won’t be. I had great experience with the brand before Android with 4 of its phones.


rizki1, 5 hours agowe know that, just enjoy it. if it nothing exciting or bad you can complain in the comments.I did enjoy several LG phones and they’re really great unlike what most tech / smartphone reviewers. Really sad for them to let go of their smartphone business…


Nokia was killed by developers who didn’t like to be fully under Microsoft control to offer WP8 optimized apps.

LG committed suicide by poor support of its own UI. They just tried everything and through them away. Unlike Samsung and recent Chinese smartphone makers, LG didn’t stick to anything, neither locally nor globally.

Samsung sticks to Lazy clumsy Touch Wizard and send its Version 3.0 to Bada OS via Wave, to show the smoothness of the UI via proper OS. TouchWiz and now One UI is the fruit of resistance.

The only resistance in LG philosophy was Cookie Line of resistive touchscreen.

I myself found a lot of fan locally for P920 and its 3DUI which was fun and entertaining. LG listened to our complains about few games and not optimized apps, then surprised us by pulling the plug without any notice.

Microsoft is the company known by its nostalgic BSOD and proudly if you do something strange, even in Win 10 you can meet the feature.

We complained again about bootloop, LG did nothing, we moved to other brand, LG said nothing, And its fanbase started fire on our comments, regarding the obvious Bug, they talked about fix since Nokia’s Lumia 930 era and still there are some ricochet and other explosives here to counter my comment about bootloop bug.

Developers didn’t like new features as they themselves are lazier than technology expectations. Developers slogan is “Make for Apple, port to Android”, “Money is Good, Technology is Bad”; So let them alone.

We cannot make any room for any new OS, unless those lazy developers join us.

Goodbye LG. There are many more local and global brands which are right behind you to fall down to the valley of never, never land.


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Thank you LG for giving us many fond memories. LG G2 is one of my favorite phones of all time, at the time, it was easy to pick G2 over S4. I think from G4 onwars they started going downhill. Too bad they can’t revover. First Nokia, then HTC, now LG… who’s next ? Sony practically on life support now